If You Can Read this, You Should Know:
In Exotic Locations All Over the World, You Can…

Speak English and
Get Paid…

Dear International Living Reader,

If you're a native English speaker…you may not realize it, but you already have the number one qualification you need for a fun, portable income that can hand you a steady paycheck overseas… 

No office. No cubicle. No experience necessary.

You could live virtually anywhere on the planet your heart desires…from a village in Ecuador to a big city like Madrid…from a Colonial enclave in Mexico to a vineyard retreat in Italy or a beachfront town in Thailand…

It's an income that's completely flexible, too — so you have plenty of time to get paid  and to relax, explore your new home, make new friends… travel…

You could find yourself sailing in Panama…rambling through the ruins of Troy… trekking in the Andes…sipping a coffee at a café on the banks of the Seine in Paris…

Sometimes the perks of "working" overseas go way beyond the income.

"I just returned from a vacation to Malaysia, three days after a weekend jaunt to Thailand's capital city of Bangkok," says Sara Beth Baxley from her base in Hong Kong.

"For my next trip…I'm planning on going to the Osa Peninsula to explore Corcovado National Park and to swim with the dolphins," says Erin Morris, at home in Costa Rica's lush Central Valley. 

If you like the idea of making money with a skill you already have… consider teaching English abroad.

If you can read this, and you're interested…you can do it.

As Sara Beth Baxley puts it:

"I had no teaching experience, so I was offered a basic package given to first-year teachers—a flight from home to Hong Kong, health insurance, a furnished apartment provided in the heart of the city, a stress-free job singing with young Chinese children, and many weeks of paid vacations to travel some of the world's most exotic corners.

"It's a 12-month contract, no strings attached. My background is in Spanish and business, not education, but even I am able to teach English!

"If you can read this, you have a very valuable gift that people are willing to pay to learn. Do you need to speak the language of the country you are in? Absolutely not! The subject you teach is so easy, you dream in it!"

The Ideal Way to "Try on" Life Overseas

Exotic Adventures Simply Come with the Job

"I've been camel-trekking along China's Silk Road, explored the ancient temples of Cambodia, sailed along the Mekong River in Vietnam, spent time in the Himalayan city of Kathmandu, and, of course, had plenty of R&R on the beaches of Thailand." —English teacher Joe Mason

If you're intrigued by the idea of "trying on" life overseas for size… teaching English can provide the perfect means to that end.

Often people interested in retiring abroad worry: What will I do when I get there, how will I stay busy?

Well, as an English teacher, you're on the ground with a purpose. You've got an "identity" in town — and a respected one at that.

It's the ideal way to integrate quickly into a new place, make friends fast, discover what a country's culture is really like…and get paid to do it, too!

Steve Marchant, who's teaching in Quito, Ecuador, described it this way:  

"I can't think of a better way to integrate yourself into local society. For many Quiteños, having a private English tutor is quite a coup. They almost wanted to show me off.

"Suddenly, I had more invites than I could handle. Drinks out with young professionals…visiting school opening days of the children I taught…weekend barbecues on sunny lawns…

"The end of the last evening class more than once saw me sat on a sofa downing a Pilsener beer with my student's family while watching Ecuadorian soccer."

And this is a skill you can take with you — no matter where you'd like to go. So say you're interested in Mexico…try it out. But you've always thought it would be exotic to spend a year in Vietnam? Well you can do that, too.

You can stay as long — or as short — a time as you want in a place.

This is a fabulous way to really take life abroad for a test drive. And get paid to do it!

It's Incredibly Flexible

Now you may think of "teaching English" as something done in a classroom with young kids. And that IS certainly one way to do it.  

But there are lots and lots of ways you can get paid to teach folks to speak your native language. And they can be inside a classroom or out.

You can work with children as a teacher or as a private tutor in their homes.

All over the world, English is the language of commerce, and adults are eager to have private English instruction as well.

Universities are always keen to add native English speakers to their staffs.

And so are businesses…which means you could be going to corporations to teach adults who are eager to learn a "professional" English vocabulary.

Experts estimate that 80% of all business transactions worldwide are conducted in English. And studies say that more than a whopping 1 billion people are learning English at any given time.

So there's a market — a huge market — for what you can do.

English Teachers are In Demand! Did You Know…

  • There are likely more people on the planet who speak English as a second language than those who speak it as a first.
  • More than 2/3 of the world's scientists read English.
  • 80% of the world's electronically stored information is in English.
  • More than 1 billion people are learning English today.

And it's an incredibly flexible way to fund your life abroad because you don't have to work day in, day out 40 hours a week.

Far from it.

Really, you can spend as much — or as little — time teaching as you like…

Even in the most "formal" arrangements — as a faculty member at a school, say — 20-25 hours a week would be typical.

(Though because demand is high, working more is never a problem.)

My point is: Teaching English can leave you plenty of time to enjoy life overseas.

You might teach in the mornings and have every afternoon off.

Or maybe have class three or four days a week and a long weekend every week — with plenty of vacations, too. So you have the time (and the funds) to go explore or relax… see the world in a way you never could lashed to a full-time job at home.

And all the while, you could be getting paid to speak English…

This is a fun, smart, flexible way to create a real cushion for yourself overseas — whether you're looking for something active to occupy your days in retirement or you're just set for an adventure — no matter what your age.

It's a way to fund an interesting, international life that you control, which fits your style and your priorities.

A life where you can feel a genuine sense of purpose…but at the same time, embrace an adventure, really get to know a new place, explore it from the inside out, and make friends, too…  

Take Eva Bartlett, for example. She's teaching in Colombia right now. And she says:

"With the low cost of living, I can teach English a mere two hours a day and earn enough to pay my bills.

"That leaves me ample time to explore and relax. And should I wish to teach more hours, there's plenty of opportunity to do so.

"I could easily earn—and save—more money here. The demand for English teachers is high and growing."

No Teaching Experience Necessary. Really!

Would a long career as a teacher back home help you land a post overseas? Well sure.

But I'll say it again: It does not matter if you've never taught before. In fact, you don't even need a college degree in some situations.

If you are a native English speaker, you can get paid to teach English overseas.

There are easy, quick ways to "ramp up" and get the skills you need to feel confident.  

And there are all sorts of tips and resources you just won't stumble upon on your own.

Did you know, for instance, that there is a way you can "plug into" a great, reliable program that'll give you soup-to-nuts service if that's what you'd be most comfortable with.

I'm talking everything from getting you an English-teaching certification (if you decide you need one), to real practice teaching, to housing, to connecting you with an established network of expat teachers already on the ground…and, because they've partnered with specific schools — they'll even get you a placement…

In fact — how you get a paying gig teaching English overseas is really what I'd like to talk to you about today.

Because if you've ever "kicked the tires" on this teach-English idea before, I bet you've discovered: It can be really confusing to figure out how you actually get a job…where the best jobs are…if you need to be certified…which certification is the right one…and how to get it…

Get Paid…and Have Free Time

"Compared to my stressful, money- focused situation back home, as an English teacher I have plenty of time to live my life, and hardly ever think that I'm teaching for the money. The satisfaction of watching my students learn and progress provides me with a more meaningful way of life.
"I only work four days a week, with the occasional Friday meeting, which gives me plenty of time to travel around Spain and to write. I never had this much free time in my own country and it means I can do things I've always wanted—like learning flamenco guitar." —Barry O'Leary

If you Google "teach English overseas," you turn up more than 3 million results.

To be honest, it's intimidating.

And with that much information overload, it's really hard to know what resources to trust. And some, quite frankly, aren't trustworthy.

The way the industry is set up is just plain confusing.

Most folks who are, right now, getting paid to teach English overseas will tell you: Figuring out how to do it took them many months…and, ultimately, a leap of faith.

Now if you're anything like me, a leap of faith at 21 wasn't so crazy. But these days, I'm too old for that sort of thing!

Not when there's a way around it.

And that's why we here at International Living joined forces with a savvy, experienced English teacher who lives in Mexico today and has taught elementary and secondary students in school and also tutored adults and children in private settings. Her name is Kary Vannice.

And with you in mind, she has created exactly the resource you need to get from where you are now…to having a paid gig teaching English abroad in the place — and in the way — that best suits you.

We're not going to get you a job…but we're going to show you how to get one — quickly, easily, efficiently, and confidently. Even if you've never taught a day in your life.

Meet Your In-the-Know Guide

You see, that's the position Kary was in a few years back. With a degree in forestry and experience with the Park Service and as a wild lands firefighter… she wasn't exactly primed to teach English. As a native of small-town Montana, though, it is her first language.

She worked for a stint on a wildlife preserve in Chile. And when her contract there came to an end, she knew she wanted to stay on in Latin America. But how?

Her answer: Teach English. As Kary puts it:

"It is one of the easiest things you can do. You don't need a technical background. It's a way to live abroad without a lot of red tape. If I were a doctor, for instance, and I wanted to practice overseas — it wouldn't really be possible without my taking exams locally and getting certified.

"But you can teach English in just about any culture in the world. And you have the benefit of being able to manage your own schedule. You can do it in so many ways. And even if you decided on a full-time position, as I did at first, it's not really full-time the way we think of it.

"For instance, here in Mexico you get two-and-a-half weeks off for Spring Break, long weekends when you can travel, plus you get your summers off, too… "

In other words: Teaching English overseas is an ideal way to position yourself for an adventure abroad… and a paycheck, too.

An adventure…but with a nice "safety net." An obvious, logical option.

But then, as Kary tells it, she faced the challenge of figuring out how to find — and land — an English-teaching position overseas. And that was not so obvious. She says:

"I could have drowned in all the information out there. I managed to swim through it. But it was intimidating. And add to that the specter of scams. Lots of folks, I know, give up before they even get started.

"But if I'd known then what I know now — many years in — finding the perfect teach-English income overseas would have been a lot less painful… and a lot more efficient."

Now you can benefit from Kary's know-how and find a teach-English income that's perfect for you, easily and quickly.

Here's how…

Get an Insider's Road Map

You see, about a year ago, we started working closely with Kary on a project unlike anything else out there.

We wanted to create a roadmap for you that would show you the lay of the land. Clearly mark the different paths you can take to find an income teaching English overseas. Remove the roadblocks… show you the shortcuts…

And make finding the perfect teach-English income downright fun!

We call it Speak English and Get Paid: Your Guide to Teaching English Overseas for Fun and Profit. And this week only, it's yours for 50% off.

Now I want to be clear — this is no static resource.

Let me put it this way: Imagine if you could spend a couple weeks in the good company of experienced folks who have been teaching English overseas for years.

Not "English-major" types, necessarily, but many of them people who did other things for years before they got the itch to go abroad and found a way to fund their lives overseas by teaching.

You Could Live Well for Less and Grow Your Nest Egg

"Every three months I send 10 million won (over $10,000) back to the States to invest… that's how much we save by working and living abroad…

"We live off of Bob's paycheck, and we travel off of Bob's paycheck, and we go everywhere. We've traveled all over South Korea, we've been to North Korea, Africa, Malaysia, Brunei, Guam, and we've been to Japan twice."
Baby Boomer Ellen D., teaching English in South Korea with her husband

People doing it in all sorts of places… China, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Germany, Singapore, Greece, Ecuador, Russia… and beyond…

And doing it in all sorts of ways, too — as private tutors, as elementary-school teachers, as business-school faculty…

Imagine if you could just hang out with these guys…hear their stories…get the inside skinny on what life as an English teacher overseas is really like in their neck of the woods…

And find out, too, what they like…and don't like.

Find out what they wish they'd done ahead of time. And what they'll make sure they do next time.

Find out their best, tested teaching tricks, too… and get your questions answered…

Well, with Speak English and Get Paid — that's essentially what you gain.

Because Kary shares not only her own hard-won insights…but those of more than a dozen other folks who have experience teaching English all over the world.

She "puts you in the room" with them…and picks their brains.

The "Real" Scoop from Folks Already Earning
an Income Overseas

For instance, you'll meet…

Bob Persiko, an American retiree living in Germany who is teaching business English without a certification or a teaching background. Find out how he landed the job, and his one most important piece of advice for somebody else in the same "unqualified" boat he was in.

Plus you won't believe the amount of vacation he gets. Talk about a lifestyle perk. Bob says one of the things he appreciates most about teaching (and living) overseas is that he and his family can travel 10-12 weeks a year!

So he's "retired," but he's getting paid to speak English…and still has time to get out and explore. And in Europe, where things are so close, that means he can head out to neighboring countries easily and often.

You'll hear, too, from Cindy Massey in China. Originally from Seattle and retired now… she was looking for an adventure. Her mother had passed away, and she wanted to see more of the world…and not just as a tourist.

Even though she didn't have English-teaching experience, she easily landed a job. As she reports, in China you'll need a 4-year degree. But it doesn't matter what it's in.

One of the things Cindy says she appreciates most is how safe she feels. Even though friends back home told her she was crazy to go by herself, that it would be dangerous…she finds China to be extremely welcoming and secure for women.

From Steven Johnson, you'll get the inside scoop on making an income teaching English outside a classroom setting. He'll tell you how to get paying students within three days of arriving in a country…how he bet a friend he could start an English school by handing out business cards, and did it…

And he'll tell you all sorts of insider secrets about how to find space to tutor in, free…where to find groups of paying students in all sorts of unusual places…how to target professionals who need English for work…and lots more tips you'll appreciate if you're entrepreneurial-minded and like the idea of getting paid to speak English as your own boss…

And that's just the beginning.

You'll hear from a woman who owns a language school in Mexico…

A former Peace Corps volunteer and country director lays out the possibilities and benefits of teaching through that organization…including a new, short-term option few people know about…  

You'll hear from a freelance writer teaching in Eastern Europe…

…and more.

They all open the door for you to their lives and let you see if their experiences overseas appeal to you. So you can begin to track the kind of situation you'll want to look for and the sort of arrangement that'll suit you, too.  

Together, these savvy — and generous — folks put you firmly on the inside, so you can essentially leap-frog ahead of most people looking to teach English abroad… and find your perfect situation quickly, easily, and confidently.

In fact, you actually gain a real advantage in the way you present yourself to the folks hiring teachers…so you look head-and-shoulders better than most of the other folks they see.  Even if you've never taught before.

It's like the difference between wandering through a forest blindly… and doing it on clearly marked paths with a flashlight, a map, and a GPS.

And it gets even better. Because Speak English and Get Paid gives you lots more than just that…

Speak English, Get Paid, Live Well Abroad

If you like the idea of having a "safety net" overseas in a place you're interested in living…  

And if you like the idea of having what amounts, really, to a "calling card" that instantly opens doors for you and makes it easy to meet people and quickly integrate into the culture and the community…

Then Speak English and Get Paid can help give you that…instantly.

Because teaching English overseas — while it might not hit the ball out of the park in terms of income, can certainly provide you enough to live on comfortably in a place where the cost of living is modest.

And that could be anywhere from Ecuador to China…Spain to Mexico… Morocco to Thailand… Costa Rica to Bali… all over the world there is a demand for somebody like you who speaks English…

The Market is Massive

"The market for English is absolutely massive… and it's constantly growing. You can have English students within the first three days of landing in a country."
S. Johnson

And if you decided you wanted to teach just a handful of hours a week — you could certainly use that part-time income to pay your utility bills or your homeowner's fees or use it to fund an excursion once a month.

It's like "insurance" in a way…a cushion that can give you the comfort and confidence you need to enjoy life and stay active.

Teaching English overseas helps give you purpose there, too. And you shouldn't underestimate how powerful that can be — particularly if you're headed off as a retiree used to working 40 hours a week!

Teaching English provides a flexible income that you can match to your own interests and priorities and use to fund the life you want abroad.

Now you aren't going to make a million dollars a year as an English teacher. (And if that's your motivation, I'll tell you right now: You're going to be disappointed.)

But I should say that in some destinations, teaching jobs actually pay quite well… and can also include perks like insurance, housing, even airfare to your post.

A baby-boomer couple teaching in South Korea, for instance, report that they're actually saving $40,000 a year as English teachers there!

Their expenses are very low — housing is included in their deal, and they just pay cable, internet, and utilities, which are affordable. They don't need a car as they can use public transportation or take a taxi across town for less than $2.Their health insurance costs them less than $50 each a month…

In the States they'd be scrambling to save enough to retire on comfortably. But in their 50s, as English teachers overseas, they're working less than they would at home, saving more, and traveling a lot, too.

My point is: You can find ways to maximize your teach-English income. And in Speak English and Get Paid we show you exactly what they are.

Gain a Life with Purpose and Passion…

Now I've been talking about the potential income here. But it would be negligent of me if I didn't make one very important point that has nothing to do with money.

It's a benefit every teacher Kary spoke with mentioned in his or her own way. You'll hear their own words in Speak English and Get Paid.

And Kary says it, too: Perhaps the greatest benefit of teaching English overseas isn't the fact that it's a fun, flexible way to fund your life. It's how rich a life it hands you.

As Kary put it:

"The freedom and income which come with teaching overseas are great. But what I really appreciate is the gratitude of my students and the connections I make with them and with other people in the community. I didn't expect that ahead of time…

"The people who choose to teach are amazing people with such passion. And it's a real pleasure to get to know them. I've so enjoyed walking down the street and having my students introduce me to their parents. I love being invited to dinner…

"Teaching English, I've had such a bright and vibrant and enriching experience overseas. And it's like that every day…"

"How it Works" Guidance Saves You Time,
Frustration (and Money)

In Speak English and Get Paid we'll lay out for you the pluses — and the minuses, too — that come along with teaching English abroad.

There are definitely situations that will appeal to one person and not another. But we'll show you what they all are — lay out your options — so you can identify the path that makes the most sense for you.

You'll hear from folks teaching all over the world — in all sorts of ways — and get the inside scoop right from "the trenches."

We're not going to get you a job… but we're going to show you how to get one — quickly, easily, efficiently, and confidently. Even if you've never taught before.

In Speak English and Get Paid, you'll find all kinds of useful, actionable secrets that'll cut drastically the time it takes you to find a teach-English income overseas.

And we'll show you how to highlight the skills you have — even if you've never taught before — so they'll appeal instantly to folks hiring teachers.

For instance, you'll find out —

  • You have not one…not two…but seven different ways you can get officially "certified" to teach English to non-native speakers. We'll tell you what they are and map out which one makes sense for you given your particular situation and goals. Looking to land in Europe, then you'll want choice A. Really prefer a rural setting in Latin America, then consider choice B.
  • Not every "certification" program is created equal. And there are literally thousands of them out there. We'll show you what to look for…and point you to two programs that come with a "magic stamp of approval."
  • You don't actually have to get a formal certification if you don't want to… find out — given your own interests and goals — whether certification is worth it at all.
  • Where to find cream-of-the-crop listings for 1,700 top-notch jobs looking for somebody like you to fill them. And I promise…this is one place you won't stumble into on your own.
  • Nine major categories of teach-English positions — with pluses and minuses for each — and a checklist with every category that'll help you figure out whether you'd be well suited for it…or not. 
  • How you line up the type of job you want, the country or even community you're interested in, the salary and benefits offered, and the duration of the contract to narrow down your search — quickly and effectively — to find exactly the position  that's right for you… and then land it, too!
  • The names and contact details for four above-board international placement agencies that can actually match you with jobs and spare you some legwork!
  • Four ways you can get the governments of the U.S. and Canada to pay you to teach English overseas!
  • Ten excellent, proven job-board sites that list teach-English positions all around the world. A quick glance produced options in Ecuador… Indonesia…Thailand…Japan…Turkey…Hungary…Mexico…Spain… Tanzania…Guatemala…France…and well, well beyond…
  • How to "check out" your prospective employer. I hate to say this, but it's an important thing to realize: There are shysters out there. They can have spiffy looking websites and everything. But don't be taken in. We'll tell you the questions to ask, the comparisons to draw, and we'll even give you a website where you can go to find out what other peoples' experiences have been.
  • What you should put on your "teach-English" resume…and what not to put. Including 8 personal attributes you should highlight in particular if you've never taught before. Plus how many references you should list — and who they should include.  
  • How to wow big time in your teach-English interview — even if you've never taught a day in your life. Find out what hiring managers are really looking for…what you can do to impress the person doing the hiring…and how to put yourself ahead of the competition.

Addicted to a Travel-Filled Life

"I picked up teaching posts in Istanbul, Turkey and Seoul, Korea. Both were incredible experiences and I can tell you that having a job, which enables you to sip Turkish coffee on the banks of the Bosphorus, ramble through the ruins of Troy, and walk the frontline of Korea's Demilitarized Zone, is an addictive way of life." —Joe Mason

Plus as part of Speak English and Get Paid, we'll also give you meaty supplemental reports that include Kary's favorite teaching resources (proven materials that could take you years to track down on your own and which will make day-to-day life as a teacher way, way easier)…

We'll give you the critical questions you want to make sure you ask any potential employer to ensure you look professional, and you know they're legitimate…a sample resume…a sample cover letter…and lots more… 

One critical element of this program that you won't find anyplace else is the proven advice and guidance about how to take your "old" experiences and make them relevant to this "new" adventure.

So say you were an RN for 35 years…what can you say to connect and highlight the skills you perfected there…and make them work for you when you're angling for an English-teaching job?

It might not seem obvious to you, but we'll show you exactly what you can do. And we'll map out how, in fact, you can make your life and professional experience work to your advantage, even if you're not a teacher by training.

You Save Big Today!
Special Offer — 50% Off

You know, if you wanted to track down on your own all the time-saving, frustration-sparing advice you'll find in Speak English and Get Paid, I have no doubt you could.

But working at it a few hours a day, searching online, it could take you a good six months — or even longer — to figure out how to navigate all the different English-teaching options out there and to find the one that's right for you.

You'd waste a lot of time — and quite possibly money — and I'm willing to bet that, in the end, you'd still be looking at a "leap of faith" you might not be all that comfortable taking.

But with Speak English and Get Paid: Your Guide to Teaching English Overseas for Fun and Profit you eliminate all that trouble and risk.

Because we lay it all out for you clearly — in plain English — and in a way that's both accessible and enjoyable.

You're going to like what you find. It's going to open up for you — instantly — some amazing options you have overseas if you speak English as your native language. And it's going to show you how to find the one that's best for you.

Right now — until this Wednesday, March 13, 2013 — you can access Speak English and Get Paid for half off. With this special offer, instead of the regular $249 — it's yours for just $124.50.

You save more than $124 today — a full 50% off the list price.

Plus…there's lots more that comes with it…

For one…Kary and her colleagues will be available to answer your questions… they can look at the materials you send to schools, even, just to give them a once-over and make sure they're as effective as they can be. Now they could easily charge $75 or more for a consulting  service like this — and usually they do. But as part of this special deal for International Living readers, it's free.

In other words, you'll have these experts firmly "in your corner" ready to help you and personally guide you to give you that leg up — and a good coat of "polish" — so you can find the teach-English income that best suits you. And do it quickly, easily, efficiently, and confidently.

Special Bonus #1:
An Insider's Teaching Tools So You Look Like a Pro

Simply agree to take a look today at Speak English and Get Paid, and you'll also receive as part of the program a special Demo Lesson and a Sample Lesson Plan which pull back the curtains and show you how the teaching part of things really works.

These insider resources make it easy for you to prove you "have the goods" to teach well overseas.

Especially if you've never taught before, the idea of actually giving a lesson or turning in a sample lesson plan might be enough to turn you off the idea of teaching altogether.

But don't be intimidated! If you speak English…you CAN do this. And we map it out for you clearly so you can follow the examples and see for yourself how perfectly straightforward it really is. 

Speak English and Get Paid is all electronically fulfilled online so it’s instant access for you and you can "take it with you" anywhere you travel. No heavy tomes to lug around! Not only that, but when you request your copy of Speak English and Get Paid with this special offer, we'll also give you something else…

Special Bonus #2
What Hiring Schools are REALLY Looking for…
and How to Give it to Them

You'll hear the inside scoop about what the people hiring English teachers are really looking for in a candidate like you. Kary "sits down" with Nathan Schroeder, an English-language Director and Hiring Manager at a well-respected school in Mexico to find out what you can do to jump ahead of other candidates…even if you've never taught before.

He reveals all sorts of useful insights that'll give you an instant leg up. Like why your "personal goals" are super important… and how — if they line up with the school's objectives — you can easily position yourself as the best person for the job.

Find out how you can highlight "management" skills you may have from another career and parlay them into your secret weapon in the classroom… and please the person interviewing you, too.

Plus the one think that'll impress them every time…and how you can do it in just 15 minutes ahead of an interview. It's easy for you…but most folks don't bother. If you do…you shine.

How taking the "proactive" approach with a school that's hiring can really set you apart — and what, exactly, you should do…including a question you should ask that'll make it clear you're serious about wanting the position… and let you know if the school is serious about offering it.

Reply Now and You'll Also Receive…
Special Bonus #3

How to Get Double the Going Rate,
Teaching in Your Pick of 80 Countries around the World

This special 50% off deal goes away altogether at midnight on Wednesday, but act before then, and not only can you take advantage of the deep discount, but we'll toss in a third bonus, too.

It's the key to a teach-English "doorway" almost nobody knows about. A secret way to nearly double the usual "going rate" for English teachers and waltz right into a job…

Turns out there's a program you can access — doesn't matter if your American or not, and doesn't matter if you have a degree or not — where the U.S. government actually pays you to teach English overseas to young people 13-18 years old.

This program exists in 80 countries. There's no long-term commitment…no arduous schedule. One man we spoke to doing it says he simply teaches in the program on Saturdays…

Now the trick comes in knowing who to ask about these jobs. And in a special Fast-Reply Bonus we'll include when you take advantage of this offer this week, we'll tell you exactly how to track down these well-paying positions… and secure one for yourself.

You Have Our Double-Strong Guarantee
You Risk Absolutely Nothing!

This Speak English and Get Paid project was more than a year in the making…and I feel confident you'll be downright impressed.   

Nothing else like it exists. I know… we've looked! (That was the problem… and that's why we created this solution.)

Well-Suited for Active Retirees

"…for action and adventure, there's nothing like learning to teach a language in a foreign country. Especially for someone like me – a 65-year-old in search of a new career in retirement.

"Teaching English is an exceptional way to meet people from another culture — much more interactive than popping in as a tourist. And it seems well suited to retirees who don't take to the idea of full-time leisure on the golf links." —William Charland, Christian Science Monitor

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There's absolutely no downside to trying it out. And the upside hands you one of the best, easiest, most fulfilling ways to "try on" life overseas.

As an English teacher abroad, there's no cubicle to report to. No 40-hour weeks to slog through. And no experience necessary.

It's completely flexible — so there's plenty of time for you to relax, explore your new home, make new friends…and travel… 

If you like the idea of making money with a skill you already have…teaching English abroad can be the ideal solution for you. And if you can read this… you can do it.

There are so many ways — and places — to make an income using your English-language skills. But it's so confusing if you just look online and try to figure out what path you should take. It's like a thick, black forest of options… and with no map, it's hard to know which direction to go in.

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Jackie Flynn
Publisher, International Living

P.S. One of the great things about teaching English overseas is just how flexible it really can be. From private tutoring to a position on a school faculty…from children to business students and professionals. You have an enormous range of choice in the kind of position you take (or create). And you can teach English just about anywhere on the planet. You don't have to have teaching experience, either.

In Speak English and Get Paid we lay out all your choices for you. And then we show you what, exactly, you should do to land the paycheck that delivers the idea you have in your mind's eye of the good life overseas.

We introduce you to great folks who share a wealth of information and insights about their own experiences teaching abroad. And real-world secrets from the experts — secrets you won't find anyplace else — hand you an instant leg up when you're actually interviewing for jobs. So you can easily outshine other candidates.

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